Why Elope?

Elopements are becoming more frequent in Australia as couples are favouring this low-key, informal and affordable option of marrying their beloved. In days of yore, and we’re thinking Gretna Green in Scotland in past centuries, elopements evoked images of hasty, clandestine ceremonies. Today’s elopements have been re-imagined into romantic trysts in enchanting settings.

Some of the reasons for modern day elopements include: wanting to keep the ceremony private and intimate so couples can focus entirely on each other, preferring to save money to buy a home instead of a lavish wedding, second marriages where they had the big thing first time round, or simply not wanting a long engagement but still do something special.

You’ve heard of Gretna Green…now we have Forrest!

A no-fuss, no-stress, affordable and memorable wedding in beautiful surroundings.

Just turn up and everything is organized for you. Just like the registry office – but enchanting and romantic

Get married in a gorgeous country garden. Wet weather alternative provided.

You can reserve your one hour place for either morning, afternoon or evening.

What’s included: A legal marriage ceremony and celebrant, a beautifully styled ceremony, flowers, and a photo shoot

Forthcoming dates:

We can negotiate a date that suits you best in any season:

Autumn Colour – be married under falling leaves

Winter Wonderland – be married in the winter garden or by a cosy log fire

Early Spring – be married under the apple blossom tree

Early Summer – be married in the cottage garden

Alternate inside venue – beautifully appointed interior of Forrest Guesthouse

About Us:


Forrest is a little hamlet in the heart of The Otway Ranges. Surrounded by the Great Otway National Park that is blessed with waterfalls, fern walks and the beguiling Lake Elizabeth. The drive down to the coast is dreamy. It really is perfect destination for a romantic getaway into the forest.


Celebrant Nettie Hulme

I’ve been happily marrying people in The Otways for over ten years now and believe each ceremony should be as unique and special as each couple. Elopements are a specialty and often the short and sweet ceremonies are the most powerful. The key is to keep the stress level down so you can enjoy the moment. With just you two, maybe a few friends and family, a beautiful venue, a professional photographer and everything organized…a Forrest elopement is a romantic wedding in an enchanting setting.


Venue: Forrest Guesthouse

Our guesthouse has been a much loved feature of the hamlet of Forrest (pop.170) since it was lovingly restored twenty years ago and sits nestled in a rambling half acre of cottage garden. We are proud to host your romantic elopement and each season offers its own unique charm. We will bring special stylish touches to your nuptials to enhance the fresh, country chic ambiance that delights all our guests.


Elopement Packages

Package One: $1,050

Celebrant: Nettie Hulme http://www.otwaycelebrations.com/

  • All legal requirements ,
  • Personalized, & meaningful 10 – 15 min ceremony
  • Two witnesses
  • Playlist of your choice
  • Hand calligraphy marriage certificate

Venue: The Guesthouse Forrest http://www.forrestaccommodation.com.au/

  • Signing table/chairs
  • Garden ceremony setting
  • Up to six guests
  • Styling
  • Sparkling wine toast
  • Wedding cake: sweet/cheese


Package Two: $1,200

Same as one plus:

Lunch or dinner for two:
Degustation menu of local produce including bottle of wine $150


Package Three: $1,450

Same as two plus:

2 nights accommodation with breakfast at Forrest Guesthouse


If you would like some beautiful photos taken to commemorate the occasion I can provide a photographer who will take high res photos to give you on a USB stick – just add an extra $500 to the packages

Other Venues

I can marry you just about anywhere you desire. So if you would like to exchange vows somewhere else romantic near Forrest such as Stevensons Falls or Lake Elizabeth I am happy to do this for flat fee of $500 – talk to me about the options :)


I can marry you just about anywhere you want.








Ring Nettie to discuss your elopement: 0418 896 061


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